New Homes

Although many people think of having a lift in their home as a luxury item, 20 years from now, most double storey homes will have a lift.

So if you are planning to build a new home, you can’t afford not to include room for a lift in your plans.  Having a lift is a great way to future proof your home whilst living sustainably.  Two storey homes are more energy efficient and because they use less land, have less impact on the environment.  A lift adds capital value and also widens the market of potential buyers.

Why our lift:

Because our lift is free standing, you do not need to create a void in anticipation of when you might instal the lift.  You can use the space as part of your living floor plan until you are ready to have the lift installed.

The building works required for our lift are minor compared to other lifts. Although it ha been designed for retro fitting, when there is an opportunity to talk to your designer before the plans are finalised, you are able to achieve better results.

Once installed there only minimal costs associated with operating or maintaining it.

Our lift is designed with special safety features to allow it not to have a door.  90% of call outs to commercial lifts involve the doors being closed.  This means it is the safest lift to have in your home.  You cannot become entrapped in the lift when home alone.

There are four 4 different models and the current price list.  The model you select will depend upon the available space and the flow of the floor plan.

If you are considering including our lift in your new home, please contact us for more information so that you can get the best results for your installation.   We find this is more likely to be achieved if we provide technical information direct to your designer and/or builders before the project progresses too far.